Sunday, May 31, 2009

Team Gutsy takes on Philly!

Two stylish members of Team Gutsy in the trolley, on the way to the walk.

My mom, Ian, Silla, and Matt, thinking about the beauty of our bowels.

Here is Matt, still thinking about bowels.

Chris and Kristen, exuberant on this sunny Philadelphia evening.
(Probably thinking about what they're going to eat for dinner, and not bowels.)

(Back row: My mom, Kristen, Chris, my father.
Front row: Silla, Me, Penny the dog, Matt)

Food and frolicking in front of the art museum before the walk.

To my friends and family who contributed to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, through Team Gutsy:

Thank you so much for contributing to find a cure for Crohn's and Colitis. Team Gutsy swaggered down MLK Drive yesterday in Philadelphia and with your help, raised a total of $1,250! It was the perfect way to end a pretty crappy (pun intended) year.

It has been a month and a few days since my surgery, and I am feeling terrific (please knock on any wood you can find), although, much to Matt's chagrin, I often conk out immediately after returning home from work (so he's still doing most of the cooking around here, which invariably means something on the grill

The last eight months have not been easy, and I'm constantly reminded that Crohn's has as much emotional impact as physical, affecting not only me, but those around me. I want to thank my colleagues at SMART, who have been supportive and gracious these past months. Thank you for allowing me one less thing to worry about.

I want to thank Matt's colleagues, who have supported our efforts on this walk, and when I was laid-up in the hospital in November. It was nice having him there, if only to watch bad t.v. (But please tell him not to eat Burger King in front of me while I'm on clear liquids.)

And thank you to my family, who always indulged me and read my "Gutsy Girl" blog even when the writing was sub-par or the jokes bad, and who always made me feel as though I was not alone.

Lastly, thank you to Matt and our dog, Penny. Matt for putting up with me, and Penny for putting up with the lack of walks. You have both been compassionately by my side since the Fall and I couldn't ask for two better companions (human and canine).

And, moreover (almost done!), a HUGE thank you to members of Team Gutsy. Here they are, in no particular order: My parents, Alicia and David, my sister Kristen and her beau Chris, my sister-in-law Priscilla and her good friend Ian, and Matthew and Penny the dog (although she didn't raise a single dime). I can't think of a team who could strut with more panache.

I know this disease is chronic, and I don't know what the future holds, but it's empowering to know I'm certainly not alone, and medical advances are being made constantly. As of right now, the Philadelphia Take Steps walkers have raised almost $300,000 in this battle. My bowels - as well as countless others - thank you.

All photos can be found here.


  1. Go, Kathryn!!! What an inspiring experience. Thanks for sharing it with all of us, including the great pictures. It was also inspiring to read your thank you page and realize how many people have helped you through this ordeal and in so many ways, big and small. It just shows that when you think there is nothing you can do to help someone, there is always something you can do even if it seems like a small thing. As your piece shows, all of those helpful getstures really do add up! Cyndy

  2. Hi Cyndy,

    Yeah, it's definitely the little gestures that add up...

    And yes, the walk/raising funds was incredibly empowering in a way...I suppose because I'm essentially helping myself!