Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Day

I think the general sentiment today is frustration and fatigue. Not just me, but seemingly all my fellow Crohn's bloggers! It must be the weather - it hasn't stopped raining here for a week straight. I think even my dog, Penny, is depressed from the weather.

Crohn's-wise, I am feeling well, although my stomach is ultra-sensitive (eating ice cream two days ago was a DIRE mistake that is still haunting me). Yesterday I visited Dr. P and my GI doc (Dr. L). I got my staples out and am slightly less Frankenstein Monster-y. What I'm frustrated about is my bladder / urethra (and you thought my problems couldn't get any ickier, HA!). I got Cipro if case I have an infection, although they didn't take a culture. After a day and a half on Cipro, I've even more convinced it is something mechanical. It does not feel like a typical UTI at all. I am not running to the bathroom, and the pain is more "muscley" if anything. So now my mind is swirling, and I'm thinking of traumatized organs after surgery and prolapsed bladders and all things icky. I got an appointment with a urogynocologist a week from today. We shall see.

I just thought this was a new beginning, but I'm constantly being dogged with medical issues. I am still holding out hope that this pain will dissipate as I heal. I asked Dr. P if he scraped my bladder with his scalpel by mistake (hardy har har) and he said he was nowhere near the good ol' blad. He was also getting a bit sassy with me, but that was because Matt said I was belligerent talking (again) about my fat roll. I prefer to call it "emotive".


  1. Woah! Go easy on yourself! Your surgery was what, a week or two ago? Relax - your fresh start won't happen over night! :)

    Ice-cream-bad! *laughs*

  2. I suppose! And yes, just the thought of ice cream right now gives me the willies. I will never be seduced again!!! (And by "never" I mean probably for the next month or two.)