Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just dance!

I am quite possibly in love with Ellen DeGeneres - my love particularly bloomed during these last few weeks while at home. I'd bypass Martha at 2 pm, savor Ellen at 3 pm, and only grudgingly watch Oprah at 4 pm.

Here is Ellen at Tulane's commencement ceremonies. I didn't go to my college graduation (it started with me not ordering my cap and gown in time and then me stubbornly refusing to pay the late surcharge...I also thought graduations where so self-celebratory and, moreover, boring). However, if Ellen was at my graduation I would of certainly shelled out the extra $25 for that gown.



  1. Fantastic! I love her too. My favourite comedian.

  2. Kathryn, I really enjoyed the Ellen piece. She is really funny, but also seems to have a really good heart. I also wanted to mention that Gail Collins has another great column in the Times today. I should really write her a fan letter. Enjoyed seeing you in PA. Cyndy

  3. Bravo, bravo! Gail's new piece on the ridiculous outcry to bring the Gitmo prisoners to US soil is brilliant! I'm embarrassed at some of our fellow citizens naivete and ignorance. Thank goodness we're so enlightened, ha ha.

    And I agree with you both, Ellen is absolutely terrific - a fine fellow female!