Monday, May 4, 2009

Intellectual stimulation - Kathryn style

So I told myself I was going to finish all my unread books during my recovery and become a well-read woman! Well, apparently, being a well-read lady is watching Rachel Ray's daytime talk show and Chelsea Handler videos on YouTube. What can I say; it's my generation. Here's one I enjoyed with my morning bagel earlier today:


  1. Thanks for the Chelsea Handler clip. I've heard a lot about her and I've always wanted to see her show. I hope you are not feeling at all guilty about your TV time. People who are recovering are allowed to watch and read anything they want to pass the time. Just like you're allowed to ready Us Weekly at the doctor's waiting room. Enjoy! Cyndy

  2. Hi Cyndy!

    Oh, no worries about feeling're talking to a girl who once had a Star magazine subscription (honest to god truth - I will say at the same time I subscribed to Time, Mental Floss, and Vanity Fair, so I'm not all vapid). And I'll have the Chelsea Handler books ready for you when I see you next (Ocean Grove?!); they're a quick, fun read (if you like relatively raunchy stuff, and I apparently I very much do). Thank you for all of your support!