Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matt the Music Sleuth

So whenever I find a song I love, I play it around the house about 100 times or until Matt starts complaining. (Our musical preferences are almost the same, although I love anything sung by a woman in the minor key whereas he prefers male singers - typical!) Anyway, I've been playing Adele's "Hometown Glory" non-stop when Matt said, "That is the same as the Six Feet Under Song!" By the "Six Feet Under Song" he means "Breathe Me" by Sia, which was played during the show's series finale. (Soapbox: The final five minutes of Six Feet Under are the best of any series closing - everyone I know [myself and Matt included] watched that finale episode and then sat still on our couch for a good ten minutes after it ended, in tears. It was breathtaking and I'm sure the song - in all its melodramatic glory - added to it.) So then I listened to both songs, and holy bologna! both songs have very similar piano arrangements. I bow down to Matty, the Music Sleuth. Here they are (both perfect for a rainy day):

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