Monday, May 18, 2009

Let THEM eat cake!

If I ever see "giant burger" on a menu and say, "Ooo! Let's go for it!", SLAP ME.

So when I'm not huddling under covers cowering from a lonesome bat, or getting pulled over by diminutive park rangers, I have been getting around and going out. In fact, today was my first day back at work! Now mind you, it was a half day and I went home to take a nap (and then bake a cake, but more on that later), but I showed my face at work and managed to inhale two bagels while at it (thank you Leigh Ann for bringing those in! - carbs are my best friend).

Health Update: Let's start off with my fat roll (FR) update, shall we? I mean, I don't think I mentioned my dearest friend for a couple weeks, and that is just uncalled for. So, my incision is healing nicely, even in the pesky FR. I did make the mistake of showing the incision to my sister on Mother's Day weekend and she promptly screamed and backed away quickly, so that was reassuring.

My stomach is incredibly sensitive - much more so than prior to the surgery. I'm making the mistake of trying to eat like a normal person - who do I think I am?! This afternoon I baked a cake, and not ten minutes after tasting my delicious concoction, I ran to the bathroom...and still am. (I swear, the cake isn't contaminated or anything.) I've noticed I cannot handle any fat - and fat is delicious! So, I can have a bagel, but have limited options for toppings. I can have a sandwich, but can't put a slice of cheese on it. I can have guacamole (not sure if "healthy" fat bothers me), but can't have a chip to dip it in. I can have a baked potato, but no sour cream or butter to take it from bland to dazzling! Dairy and sugar are also taking a toll.
Not that his has stopped me. Last week I had brownies with milk. DOUBLE NO! This afternoon? My sugary chocolate cake had a buttercream icing.

I think it's about time I realize I have Crohn's, and I have to buck-up and shut-up. So, I'm trying to be serious for once and will be starting a food diary. Maybe I'll draw flowers in the margins like I did in my journal from junior high - you know, just to make it more interesting. Ooo...and maybe some catty comments and mentionings of celebrity know, just for good measure. My stomach never tolerated fat/sugar/sugar substitutes/red meat/spicy and acidic foods well, but this is a whole other ball game, and I gotta buckle down.

With that said: my HR friends, you will be getting yourself some chocolate cake tomorrow.
ENJOY. (Even though I'm snarling, I mean, really!)


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  2. I know! I feel your pain. Realizing just how radically you have to change your diet is very hard. Keeping a food journal is a good idea.

    But let me reassure you- it's worth it! While I do eat a very restricted diet- I manage to avoid having to rush to the washroom multiple times per day. And don't worry- you'll find many alternatives to foods you miss. For example, butter is out for me, but olive-oil based margarine is good (I like Olivina). I also eat some tasty cream-cheese made from soy, the brand is called YoSo.

    So don't worry it's not all bad, and the relief you might find will be worth it.
    I make cake... I just don't use milk. :)

  3. Is it all dairy, or does the fat content make a difference?
    All sugars? What about, say, honey?

  4. Hi Nancy,

    I think fat content makes a difference big-time: for example, I think I'm okay with skim milk but have a harder time with cheese, and ice cream just kills me.

    I'm not sure re: all sugars. I am thinking it is highly-processed sugary stuff, so I think honey is okay, although I haven't used it in the last few weeks.

    My stomach is feeling a bit better though - I'm hoping it's beginning to settle down to what it was before (which still wasn't optimal, but fine enough).


    My food diary is pathetic - I miss days here and there, etc. The soy cream cheese is giving me willies, though!!