Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A note on soap operas

Why is their make-up always impeccable? And not just impeccable, but really borderline clownish? I am in awe of the eye makeup these ladies flaunt, and this is coming from a veteran mascara lover.

Also, the doctor on Days of our Lives wears scrubs with CAP SLEEVES to show off his bulging muscles! It harks back to Baywatch, where their swimsuits where down to there and up to here if you get my drift. It's ridiculous.

Final question: Why am I watching this garbage?

Actually, I know why, look here:

My Day:
9 - 10 AM: Regis and Kelly (If I am up - sometimes I get up later as I've gotten in the habit and waking up from about 3 - 6 pm.)
10 -11 AM: Rachel Ray
11 AM - Noon: The View (Don't get me started on Hassleback.)
Noon - 2 PM: TV WASTELAND. This is where I sometimes turn on Days of our Lives. You would think I could go a few hours without tv, but, apparently, no.
2 PM - 3 PM: Martha, only if I'm desperate
3 PM - 4 PM: Ellen (a must)
4 PM - 5 PM: Oprah (Only if I'm in the mood for her grandiose ego.)
5 PM - 6 PM: Reading (Dr. Phil is on during this time, but really, what kind of doctor IS doctor Phil? Give me a break.)
6:20 PM: Matt gets home, and since he is the only human I see, a highly-annoying night commences for him.


  1. You are hilarious! This is exactly what my days consisted of when I had my surgery. Highlights of your day can be when you take a shower, you catch Part 2 of that Little House on the Prairie episode, eating a different kind of chicken noodle soup and staying awake the whole day! :) You are in my prayers - and I totally understand the whole "fat roll" thing. I had / have the same problem. E mail me any time!!!

  2. Haha; you're right - it's the little things that brighten my day when I'm at home. I absolutely LOVE looking forward to getting the mail, even!

    It looks like this upcoming week will be my last at home - as much as work is, well, WORK, I am ready to go back and have some normalcy!!