Friday, April 17, 2009

Taking solace in the little things

This morning I made the mistake of reading about painful recoveries and long-standing after effects of my surgery. I go so upset I had to take solace in an empty office. I think it's important to know this surgery isn't easy - and recovery may be long - but I also now think it's important to leave those Crohn's forums behind and to focus on the now. So to "calm the nerves" I am also taking note of all things I am fortunate to have (family goes without saying), and life's little daily joys (however fleeting or frivolous). There are a lot of them. Some of the little things I've been taking peace in:

  • Hot showers

  • Lounging in bed after a long day (after a hot shower, of course)

  • Coming home to my dog, Penny (who, for some reason, is always more happy to see Matt than me...It is my belief that he's training her on the sly to do this!)

  • Blogging! (But of course!)

  • Taking 3 minutes to read an article and 2 hours to mull over all the reader's comments (Does anyone else have this particular trait?)

  • When Matt cooks and takes a lead on household duties (This week's frittata was pretty darn good!)

  • Dessert (Sorry I ate that whole hazelnut chocolate bar and 1/2 of your Lindt bunny, Matt.)

  • This weekend's weather (Finally I can open our windows and get some fresh air!)

  • Spring (By the time I'm out of the hospital, the buds on our maple tree will be leaves!)

  • A clean house (Which I'll be doing this weekend in anticipation of my mom arriving and staying with me, and who, every time I talk to her says, "You better have your house clean for me! I don't want dust bunnies everywhere!" Don't worry, mom. I'll put extra dog fur and dust bunnies in the guest bedroom!)

  • Silly tv and their silly magazine counterparts (refer to Gossip Girl, a few posts back)

  • Having the where-with-all to realize -- even with having Crohn's -- how fortunate I am (even though I get a little self-pitying and zany at times).

What are the little, everyday things that get your through the day? I'd love to hear them!

That lovely drawing is courtesy of Mary Peterson Illustration.


  1. Odd, somehow video games, coding, and juggling are conspicuously absent from your list.

  2. I wouldn't call it "odd". The decision to omit them was very, shall we say, deliberate.

  3. Once again, my fingers can't type fast enough. Fer cry'in out loud, Kathryn, you are prone to hyperbole!(see #10). But I can take it, I'm the bigger person, (by 2")so I will overlook your bloggy exaggerations! And you may recall that when you came home from the hospital in November, your kitchen--oven, frig, microwave, cabinets have never been cleaner!! Your Mother

  4. I may be prone to hyperbole, but not this time! I stand by my assertion that every time I have spoken to you in the last two weeks, you mentioned the cleanliness of my house. You may think it's messy, but I prefer "lived in". So there!

    P.S: You're right, my kitchen was very clean after my hospital stint in November -- good point. So good a point, in fact, that I won't touch the microwave - I'll leave that little cleaning morsel for you!! ;-)

  5. The first cup of coffee, walking outside at night, seeing the people I love--including you!--and the dog I love best (Penny)

  6. I second anything involving Penny! :-)