Friday, April 3, 2009

"Life Lessons From the Family Dog"


I will forever be a "dog person". I could not ask for a better companion, and above all, a better friend. I clench my teeth in frustration when people reduce dogs to its, or breed them as a commodity. Their capacity to love, and to nurture, is without boundaries. My black lab mix, Penny, was given up by her previous owners and placed in a shelter until Matt and I had the good fortune to stumble upon her, alert but weary, in her kennel. Since then she has lovingly roused us out of bed on Saturday mornings to start the day, and been a stoic fixture of calming comfort when I cried about anything, from the physical pain of a broken ankle to the emotional distress of my recent bout with Crohn's Disease. It's always the same: she presses her body hard against my legs, and rests her head on my knee. She is all soul and warmth. And it is the most beautiful sight in the world.

Please enjoy this essay by NYT Editor, Dana Jennings, on his ailing friend, partner, and member of the family, Bijou.


  1. The fact is that how one treats one's best friend, is a true reflection of your inner soul---- one can never confuse the 6th sense of your companion. true love will always the same without bounds

  2. Hi DAD! I know it is you because your last sentence doesn't make sense. Ha ha. But you're right; people who mistreat animals are disgraceful. Penny says "hi" and misses the gourmet food and walks of Grandma and Grandpa Zilker. Although she has been having more food allergies lately. We are currently trying Eukenuba.