Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pats on the back all around!

That's me, voracious for intestinal knowledge!

Bright Side, of The Bright Side of Crohn's, facilitated a friendly and informative chat with us Crohnsies yesterday evening. (Thank you Bright Side!) I, for one, asked a lot of questions regarding surgery, and found the chat therapeutic and uplifting. (I also mentioned Wet Ones, which deserve credit in their own right.) Bright Side will be scheduling these periodically, so please check back for the opportunity to speak to those who critique their poo as much as you do!


  1. Kathryn, I know you often refer to articles from the NYTimes, and you may be interested to know that the Science Times on Tues. had an article on the importance of friendship and social networks in keeping people healthy. The research shows that people can gain incredible strength through their friendships and connections with others. Your Crohnsies chat strikes me as an example of that as well as the way you connect with friends and family with this blog. I know that my connection with friends and family is what I rely on and now the research bears me out! Cyndy

  2. Hi, came across your blog in a crohn's search, Im also a female in my twenties, had Crohn's surgery last September and have done a ton of research before and after. I cant find an email on this blog, most likely Im just blind, but if you have any questions or anything email me! Sallycantdance@gmail.com


  3. Cyndy,
    Thank you for mentioning the article! I just moseyed on over to the NYT and read it. I agree - I think it must be unbearably hard for people who are doing this alone. I certainly am not. Even my boss's boss - a VP at my company - left me a voicemail message asking if there was anything she could do at all like watch the dog, and so on! And this blog, amongst other things like being a silly writing outlet, is definitely cathartic in a way because I know my support network is reading (your comment is a case in point!).

    You are certainly not blind; I redid the site recently and forgot to add my email address, with is Kathryn@thegutsygirl.com. Thank you for letting me email - if you can't tell, I am very weary of the surgery recovery! (Although by now I have a certain peace with it). And thank you for reading, as well!


  4. Hi Kathryn,

    I have had surgery too, please don't worry too much about the recovery, there are way worse things to recover from:) That's how I look at it! Your insides feel a bit displaced for a while, but eventually they find their place.

    More than happy to chat with you anytime- see you at the next online chat!

    The Crohn's Baby blogger

  5. Hey Rosie!

    Yup; I'm pretty much at peace with the whole thing. I think I'm pretty tough (as are all of us Crohn's girls!!) ;-)

    What do you mean when they feel "displaced"? Just...not working up to par? I guess I'll see soon enough!!!!