Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is Kathryn trying to find friends

Most people who know me realize the breadth of my lameness is vast and runs deep. It's really almost a source of pride, a badge of honor, a conversation starter, whatever. If you asked a hipster, would they not say 20-something neurosis with a hint of apathy is not the new cool? Here, read this:
I'm an employed professional (ha...who knows how long that is really going to last) who moved to the area a few years ago, but never met many people outside of work. I'm not really an introvert, but I'm not the type who walks into a bar and owns the place. Frankly, I'm not the type who goes to a bar - well, not lately - who would I go with? I hate that I ended that last sentence in a preposition, but what the hey. And I'm tiring of staying home with my husband and the dog, which is all fine and good - I'm a homebody - but your husband shouldn't be your best friend in.every.single.conceivable.way. I'm liberal (very). I love cooking, reading, bitching, movies, talking, long walks with the dog, board games, being silly...all of it. I'm generally happy, high-spirited, and friendly. I'm looking for a friend (or a couple) to simply hang out with, and if you have a nerdy significant other, then hooray, twice the fun double-date style.
I wrote that and posted it on Craigslist. I know, right? Since I'm feeling better and thought I would have another companion other than Crohn's, I slapped that baby up on Craigslist yesterday. Look, I don't play around, and in two days I've made big strides on the friend front. First, folks have applied to ad. I am not alone, and feel validated that your late 20's can be a friend wasteland.

Second, today I invited myself to my co-worker's weekly Quizo game at a local bar. Courtney knows a lonely girl when she sees one, and after explaining that I'm not from this area, college friends are scattered about, and I'm just simply not that cool, she extended an invitation (I think willingly) to join her group next Tuesday to play some trivia game. Today I even watched college Jeopardy to bone up, and by golly, if I didn't know more than that Princeton contestant! So hopefully I won't embarrass her...too much.

I'll keep you posted on FriendGate.


  1. Kathryn, Your post brought me back to my own lonely newlywed days after I moved to Long Island. I made a little progress here and there, but I really hit the jackpot after Scott was born. The plan was for me to stay home for the first few years (which turned into 22 years, but that's another story). It turns out that new Moms at home are the loneliest people on earth. Within 10 minutes of meeting, one Mom ends up inviting the other one for coffee or a trip to the park. Also, because I found being home with a baby incredibly boring and lonely, I joined LaLeche League, a mom-baby excercise group and a Mom's discussion group. I found plenty of other Mom's desperate for companionship and many of them are still my good friends. I'm not saying that pregnancy is the answer, but that's my story. I'm interested to see what your story turns out to be. Happy hunting!

  2. I must say I'm having a lot of luck - five folks responded to the ad (3 of which look promising!). There are a lot of lonely gals out there. It's such an inorganic way to meet friends, but heck, if it works, why not? Definitely will keep you posted....

    And I can only imagine how lonely being a new mother can an only "talk" to your baby so much!

  3. I agree with the assessment that new moms are some of the loneliest people on earth. If I had the guts and motivation, I'd probably write my own personal ad.