Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crohn's Questions / General Observations

General Crohn's questions/thoughts:

Question 1:
Does anyone else feel worse as the day progresses? I'm usually good in the morning, and then start my bathroom trips in the afternoon into the evening. At night, my abdomen often feels quite sore as I lay down. Of course, my digestive system has had a rest in the morning from the sleep the night before, and I suppose the PM BM breaks (oh lord, I'm so not witty at all) are because I'm eating again for the day (breakfast, lunch, and so on). It's just a daily vicious cycle.

Question 2:
Because you go to the bathroom a lot, are you hungry a lot? (I like to attribute my very manly appetite to this.)


  1. You have no idea how crazilly excited I am to answer yes to both of those! I keep reading/hearing that the Crohn's is supposed to be worse is the morning, and everyone keeps going on about no appetite and I feel so abnormal.

    I was wondering the same thing about the afternoon/evening thing. I generally start running a few hours after lunch, and I find my fatigue starts getting worse about the same time too.

    And I get hungry too. Despite my stomach/intestines hating me and making me run, they whinge the second they're empty. I swear I can hear them grumbling FEED ME! :D

  2. Then we're not alone! Yes, in the morning I am fine. Everything goes to hell after lunch, and I have yet to lose my appetite even with the belly pains. Food goes in and out at an astonishing rate. My stomach aches are the worst at night.

  3. 1) I usually feel the worst in the mornings and better as I get moving and the day goes on.

    2) I used to be ravenously hungry due to the fact that my stomach always felt "acid-y". I would eat to soak up the stomach acid. My hunger pains would be much stronger than normal- ravenous hunger that would consume my thoughts. Once I got my Crohn's under control though, that all went away and my appetite is now normal.

  4. Although, constant diarrhea throughout the day can certainly wipe you out. And fatigue I find makes things even worse for me.