Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health Care Fit for Animals

This is a good one. Kristof speaks to Wendell Potter, who was previously an Exec at Cigna (shout out to my insurance company, woot woot!), and left his high-flying lifestyle after being witness - and entrenched in - the indignities the insurance industry. He details their profit-y ways, saying they often: 1) denied requests for pricey procedures, 2) engaged in "rescission", which means the insurer abruptly cancels the policy on a technicality (aka no legit reason) because the person with the policy, who has paid their premiums for years, suddenly (how dare they) gets sick, and 3) sky-rockets policy costs for small businesses because one employee gets sick, and thus many times the employer can no longer provide coverage.

Someone close to me complained a few weeks ago about the blog. She asked me why is it always about "boring health care". I responded there is nothing boring about this, her health (my god, livelihood) depended on it, and if this isn't keeping you up at night, then you just aren't listening.

Please read.

Op-Ed Columnist
Health Care Fit for Animals
Published: August 27, 2009
Why a health insurance executive decided to speak out against an industry that he was once paid to defend.


  1. Sighhhh. Your now very “political blog” has many of us conservatives looking elsewhere for a new recipe or laugh… kudos – you’ve alienated an avid reader and fan (er, former fan).

  2. I'm sorry you feel that way - I mean that - it disappoints me. But here is your opportunity for discourse. If you disagree, let's discuss it. I have yet to hear really strong, valid reasons to oppose an overhaul of our system, which doesn't insure the sick.

    This blog doesn't have an angle other than a personal one: it's my experiences being sick, not being sick, my thoughts (be it political or not), recipes, and so on. Right now, health reform might yet again may be swept under the rug, and I'm simply very fearful on a personal, and national, level.

    It's not my intention to isolate anyone, but I won't compromise what, I feel, is a moral issue.

    I would hope you see at least some value to what I post, but I understand if you no longer wish to read.

    On a lighter note, I made a spectacular chicken Medi chicken salad that I'll post soon.

    Thank you for reading.

  3. Wowza, no wonder I got a B in copy-editing. "Chicken Medi chicken salad". Beautiful.

  4. Wowza---It's not that everyone doesn't believe that the current insurance industry needs major reform-it does. What it doesn't need is big government (AKA SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM)to interfer within a proven business structure.
    Reform -yes Destruction-NO

  5. Give me some specifics how our current system is a proven business structure and we'll talk.

    Until then, no dice.

  6. Everyone is entitiled to their own opinion, but my vote is to keep sounding the warning on health care. I love your stories and recipies, but it's too easy to turn a blind eye while so many continue to suffer.