Friday, August 21, 2009

The Friend Cronicles Continue

So my "find more friends" initiative is going swimmingly well.

We're having dinner with a new couple tomorrow. We're playing Quizo with a new group on Tuesday. Thursday I'm having dinner with a friend (not met on Craigslist, but it still counts in my "trying to be more social" initiative, darnit!). And I'm currently in talks with another chickadee who lives a few minutes from us. I'm telling you, there are a lot of lonely 20-somethings out there. My ad on Craigslist was filling a void!

First things first: I'm nervous about dinner tomorrow. I mean, I haven't been on a "date" in 5 1/2 years. What do I wear? Should I scour the newspaper for intelligent current events banter? What if I have lipstick on my teeth? These are big, looming questions, don't kid yourself.

So, I will of course indulge you (all five of you) about tomorrow night. In the meantime, I have some eyebrow plucking to do.


  1. *laughs* I just read about your friend quest. That's totally domething I would do. Once you get out of school making new friends is very hard. I managed to hang on to most of my highschool friends so I'm lucky there.

    But being an introvert/home-body seems to come naturally to me, so I have to specifically make an effort to go out with friends. And of course I end up having a blast!

    Hope you're craigslist experiment goes well and you don't end up meeting a bunch of er... weirdos. lol

  2. Girls, I must say, there are a lot of 20-something lonely females out there. Making friends in adulthood is difficult!! And yes, it definitely takes effort - I've gotten to complacent in my homebody ways.

    I never felt so popular in my life! Hahaha.

    I'll of course divulge details about tonight. Thanks for the well wishes!