Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling snarky: A funny thing happened on the way to checking my Facebook...

So when your college ex-boyfriend (who you broke it off with, have only spoken sparingly to, but you both have goodwill towards one another) gets married and you leave an innocuous little comment on Facebook (where he posted wedding photos of his very pretty bride), saying, "You guys look great; I love [insert bride's name here]'s dress!" and then his MOTHER replies with (and I quote): ""wasn't she the prettiest bride ever!!!! Chris really did win!!! LOL! LOL!", how are you, in turn, supposed to take it? Ouch!

Well, doll, frankly I think I won, but I'll just keep that between me and the blog, eh? But, hey, thanks for the Facebook shout-out!


  1. Well, I think you won--but some may say I have a slight bias.


  2. I concur! I would also like to add that Matt won, too, because I love shameless self-promotion!

  3. The MOTHER said that? It sounds like she never got over the break up!