Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enough is enough

Update: I can't sleep and am reading about health care reform, of all things. Just read the following comment and had to chuckle (sadly) and reiterate: "An uninformed citizen is the right wing's best customer."


Don't get me started on Sarah Palin's ill-informed "death panel" comments regarding the Obama administration's health care reform policies. I love making fun of her (who doesn't?!) but her comments are dangerous fabrications and a blatant distortion on the truth, and it's terrifying her equally misinformed conservative followers believe these lies and have made health care town hall meetings screaming sessions, and are, in turn, halting any progressive health care reform.

(And, apparently, when I'm mad, I write in long, run-on sentences.)


  1. Yes, you do! Palin is a whack job who cannot string together a coherent sentence. GRAMMAR GURU winces every time she speaks. Evidently, Palin is sounding more measured the last few days (see CNN Cafferty report) since several Republican governors have distanced themselves from her inane prattle. GRAMMAR GURU cannot offer more commentary, the Perseid meteor shower and her lawn chair awaits!

  2. I'm fearful of the ignorance many in our country progress, and with that, am fearful that many of these people actually do heed the verbal garbage that is showered on them from the likes of Palin and her ilk.

    I think it's fair to say that if you are not for health care reform, then you just aren't listening and/or educated.

  3. Enjoying the sparkling repartee--also the reform information.


  4. Oops...typos abound when typing in the middle of the night. I meant "possess" and not "progress", above.

    Ugh, cannot stand that woman. And Newt! He was blithering away on the Sunday morning shows agreeing with good ol' Sarah. Both of them want to further their political agenda at the expense of the health and welfare of the US population.

  5. Is your life worth $45,000 ?? That's the current price tag as established by Britain's national health service.

    I believe that your recent surgical treatment was well over that mark---hence you would not had received the necessary treatment by Britain's standards.......

  6. Yes, dad - you're right. Anyone with any sort of surgical issue who needs expensive treatment doesn't receive it in the UK. Absolutely. Cancer, chronic diseases, heart conditions - why fix the person, right? Thank you for your studied input.