Sunday, August 9, 2009

One with the fish

When it's a rainy, stinkin' hot day, what else is there to do except go to the aquarium?
Just look at him. My husband. One day the future father of my children. Pure manly perfection, I tell you. Here he is waiting to get into the "4-D" Planet Earth/Spongebob feature. 4-D because water annoyingly squirts at you throughout the show. It was lovely.

You know. Just your average fun in the gift shop.

This is a very rare breed of sea life. (I cannot vouch for accuracy.)

This is the entrance to the "Virtual Shark Cage". Basically, it was a room that shook a bit and has a video of a shark coming at you, just like you were underwater in a shark cage. This is a real overheard exchange: Man in front of us to boy working "the cage": "Is it scary?" Employee: "No, sir. It's mainly for small children." The man, still fearful, then proceeded to hedge his bets and left. This is when Matt and I gleefully took his spot in line. Anything for "small children" is right up our alley.

This is me and some hot diver I met at the snark bar when Matt was preoccupied with the jellyfish tank (see below). Ignore my new boyfriend's plasticity and stiffness, please.

Now this is the good stuff...

Matt saw this, paused, took a deep breath, and said with awe in his voice, "This is beautiful." NO JOKE!

Uh....about 15 minutes?

The hippos were eating some watermelon. It looked very refreshing.

Matt: "It's your move, sharky..."

You know, it's just Nemo. Just residin' in Camden, NJ.

He actually said, "I'm going to put my head in that and you can take my picture!" NO JOKE.

This is just Matt softly caressing a shark.

Mock fear + huge jaws = great photo opp.

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