Thursday, July 2, 2009

Until next week!

I'm going on vacation today (cue confetti and maracas). First with Matt's family to the Jersey shore, then down to my family's place in Chincoteague/Assateague Islands, Virginia. I should have WiFi in Chincoteague so I'm sure I'll find someway to regale you with loathsome, annoying tales of capsized kayaks and drooling dogs (there will be three - in a very small space) - no worries there. This was my Crohn's packing list:

  • Industrial-sized bottle of Pentassa (8 pills/day)

  • Folic Acid (to counteract the leaching effects of the Pentassa, thank you very much)

  • Tylenol (a joke of a pain reliever, as far as I'm concerned)

  • Percocet (only if something terrible happens, I have visions of stinging jellyfish and sand sharks; I'm an alarmist)
I'm feeling good. I would almost say terrific, but yesterday I did the sin of all sins - I helped myself to some Diet Coke. (Don't tell Matt; he whips himself in a furry when I do idiotic stuff like this...rage does not do that boy good.) Diet Coke is so evil (don't sue me for libel!), but first of all, it's loaded with aspartame, which just wrecks my digestive track. I probably went to the bathroom 10+ times yesterday because of this. And heck, I didn't even mention the carbonation and caffeine in that crazy Coke. Oh well - lesson learned - for the 30th time. (Shut up.)

Thank you for reading, and look for some vacation ditties coming soon! Now I have to pack (oops).


  1. I agree with the tylenol comment- I can see why people are OD-ing on it- a little does not go a long way! Now I'd better amend that. When you add a little codeine to it, it works wonders!

  2. Mmm...agreed! I miss Advil, which I can no longer take given my disease (apparently ibuprofen can cause flare-ups). How I stare at it longingly...