Tuesday, July 21, 2009

16 and Pregnant

I watch a lot of trash on t.v., which is something of a feat in and of itself considering we don't have cable. I just had to share my most recent addiction, 16 and Pregnant on MTV. Kudos if you guessed the premise.

This particular episode's couple, however, was startlingly mature. The couple, Catelynn and Tyler (or is it Taylor? I can never get that name right), give their daughter up for adoption, knowing they cannot provide a good life for her. I was mesmerized by how self-possessed both of them were, given their unfortunate family situations (Tyler's father was just released from jail, and Catelynn's mom calls her a bitch, and both parents don't agree with their decision to put their child up for adoption - it's dysfunction at its worst).

I thought I'd share because 1) these kids are remarkable given their situation and 2) a few posts back I was discussing things that make you cry. Grab a tissue.

Episode Here


  1. I saw this episode! I usually love to hate the pregnant girls, but I too had to respect the grown up decision she made about giving the baby up. I watched it with my friend and we were both tearing up! Have you seen commercials for the reunion episode? The adopted parents thank the girl for her baby...looks like another tear-jerker! I think it's on this Thursday.

  2. I did see the preview for the reunion episode!! I'll have to wait 'til Friday to see it, as we don't have cable (it was to reduce the amount of tv we watch, but I still end up online watching the same garbage! I foiled Matt once again!).

    And yes, I know exactly what you mean - I watch it to see the train wrecks these 16-yr-olds are, but this episode was really refreshing.

    Glad to find someone who likes "quality" t.v. too! Ha.