Thursday, July 16, 2009

Only bad part: runny mascara "racoon" eyes

I had this Lichtenstein print in my dorm room all four years during college. Sexy while in fear of drowning, rebuffing a man's help, and all the while crying? Yes, absolutely.

You know when you watch a movie, read a book, or read anything, and you just have to cry afterward? My sprinkler system is often and constant: I cry a lot. I cry when making an argument. I cry watching those Purina commercials showing dogs in shelters. I cry thinking about dogs in shelters. I cry listening to good music on Sunday afternoons. I cry reading the last paragraphs of a deliciously good book. I cry reading Modern Love in the NYT. I cry watching PBS documentaries. I cry out of frustration watching Glenn Beck spout ill-informed, nonsensical garbage (oh god, just listen to it, you will's everything that is wrong with the modern conservative movement and Fox, er, Faux, News).

And right now I'm crying while writing this post. I just watched
Gran Torino - it was a moving film - so of course I had to cry. This past weekend I finished reading Corelli's Mandolin, and yes, I cried. Earlier today I was trying to make an argument about something - I can't even remember what - to Matt. Out of frustration, I cried. (He is use to this and hugs me and says, "Oh, is my poor K crying again?" This is when I swat at him.)

But enough about what makes me cry (booooring). I'd much rather hear what incredibly moving, sad, hopeful, agonizing form of media you listened to, read, or watched that reduced you to tears. Or, fine, just simply moved you.

I'll start. Sobbed like a crazy woman during Pixar's Up. Yeah. You know...that animated movie. As in...cartoon.


  1. I went to the Ocean Grove Tabernacle Sunday service, mostly to please my mom. But they had a soloist singing Every Valley Shall Be Exalted--by John Ness Beck, not Handel--with that grand organ in the background--and the tears started flowing. I couldn't stop. Who knew?


  2. I cried during UP as well! and it was within the first 5 minutes of the movie!!!!!! It was a great movie thought! Squirrel! Hi There!

  3. Angela,
    I know; I really think that movie was geared towards adults moreso than kids. I didn't want to go at first, but couldn't ignore the good reviews (and anyway, Matt and I snuck in after "The Hangover" - what a juxtaposition, uh?). I'm a sucker for love/loss/regret/coming of age (at any age) themes. Do you and your mom still sneak into movies? I still find that adorable. When Matt and I do it, it's just sort of classless. Oh well.

    Being caught off guard and being surprised by something like that is one of the sweetest surprises ever. Who doesn't love those small moments?