Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Owen is a first-rate name!

Don't try to deny a baby hedgehog isn't cuter than a human baby!

"So, are we going to talk about kids?"

That was the second thing my GI said during my check-up, right after she asked how I was feeling. When Matt and I moved in together, I felt like we were two big kids playing house. When we got married and actually bought a house, I felt giddy and thinking about our future, ostentatiously said things like, "Our kids certainly aren't going to have a t.v. in the bedroom!" and, "I hate how parents today smother their children!" (Like I know anything about anything when it comes to kids.)

But then I got sick, and had to make a major health decision. I agonized over surgery - I consulted multiple GIs and surgeons, I collated all my medical records and made countless copies of small bowel series work-ups and CT scan results. You wanna cut me open? Then gosh darnit, I was gonna do this right. It's funny how much you try to control something when the situation is utterly uncontrollable, whether its being sick or even watching a game show. (I turned off "The Bachelorette" the other night when my favorite bachelor, Reid, was about to be kicked to the curb; if I didn't watch it, then it wasn't going to happen. Poor Reid from Philadelphia.)

Which gets us back to my GI appointment. In that moment, I have never felt more like an adult. And I am an adult - in our culture of perpetual adolescence its startling to realize I'm three years from thirty. "You will never feel better than how you feel now," she said.

And she's right. Matt and I don't know a thing about babies, other than potential names (who doesn't play the, "If we ever had kids, what would you want to name them" game? And not that you care, but I will absolutely not share said names, since my parents already ruined one idea by screeching how "awful" it is. When did Owen become awful anyway?!)

So there you go. My co-worker, who is six months pregnant and glowing (and a pregnancy evangelist by the way), said, "You're never going to be ready, Kathryn. You just jump into it." And yesterday morning hot doc (aka my surgeon) said, "Go for it! Have fun!" a bit too emphatically. Who am I to argue with a hot surgeon?


PS: Yes, I watch "The Bachelorette". Email me and we can talk about the virtues of Ed versus Kypton, although I have to warn you this household is Team ED all the way.


  1. You guys will be great parents, and you have a wonderful place for a child to grow up, not to mention good recipes!

    Juanita is taken.


  2. Thanks, Nancy!

    And by the way, Juanita is alllll yours!! ;-)

  3. In our defense, Kathryn, we did not "screech", (what hyperbole!) we did not say how "awful" Owen is, we just said we liked "Sam" a lot better, and you admitted others had the same opinion. Now I'm going to go back and rename you what was dad's first choice, SUSAN! Mom

  4. Susan is a "mom" name - it's the name of 40-60 yr olds! It had its hayday, just like "Jennifer" was the name of the late 70's, early 80's. And sshhh! Please don't disclose the names! Jeez!

  5. And yes, you said you "hated it" and it was "effeminate" (still don't get that one) and kids will make fun of him and call him "o" (what's wrong with that?). Matt can verify all I claim!

  6. I don't know how much my opinion counts at this age lol but i love Owen...and O seems like a cool nickname haha

  7. You are the voice of reason, Laura - thank you! I think Owen is a pretty sweet name, as well, but now it may be forever tainted. That's why I want to keep other names a secret - no one will say anything mean about the names when they're already official (well, not to me!, maybe to each other).... That's my new plan. :-)