Friday, March 6, 2009

There he goes, swoonin' again...

Matt has a gigantic man-crush on David Brooks (famed columnist of the NYT and commentator on PBS). While I respect this manly crush, it doesn't come without its own set of concerns (namely, Brooks is a moderate conservative and I feel Matt is quietly tip-toeing to the dark side). Whenever there is a White House address, or during the debates at election time, there Matt is, gazing at Brooks's greying temple and 80's eyeglasses with complete and utter lust. I tried to argue with Matt - I mean, Brooks positively raved about Palin's performance after the Vice Presidential debate - but he was adamant that Brooks was his political god (and, drunken on his adoree's commentary, once even mentioned his "Brooksy" is "kind of cute" - cringe).

But today, I saw something in David Brooks. I thought his column was even-toned and (mostly)fair in this piece on the Obama administration's initiatives, and I wanted to share. (Although my woman crush will always be with Gail Collins, a fellow NYT columnist, who often warm-heartily trades witty repartee with Brooks in print).

See for yourself:


  1. It's unfortunate but one can not dismiss the markets's vote on the lack of soundness of this plan

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  3. Anonymous, thank you for your comment. Now why don't you show me a little moxie and tell me who you are so we can have a real debate. I'm guessing it's someone from the Zilker household. Dad and Kristen - you get top billing. I'll be saddened it this was mom, however.

    Regardless, please allow me the pleasure to get really snarly and pithy and we can have a little debate, a little tête à tête if you will.

    Oh, one last thing: the markets tumbled well before Obama stepped foot inside that big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue.



  4. No it was not me! I'm thinking dad. Hmm, Brooksy is lookin good to me, too. Mom