Monday, March 30, 2009

Crohn's Resource Library

Special thanks to Bright Side, a fellow Crohn's blogger, who pointed out that the website Everyday Health has a virtual library of Crohn's resources, detailing treatment methods, the emotional side of Crohn's, quality of life, and alternative therapies. Now I have some "light" reading to do after I relax from my colonoscopy tomorrow!

Crohn's Webcasts at Everyday Health

Main Crohn's Library at Everyday Health


  1. (The main index for their Crohn's section - articles and such - is here:

  2. Good luck at your colonsocopy! (heh- what a weird thing to wish someone luck for!)

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    Just wanted to leave you a note to say that I enjoyed reading your blog. I know a couple of the GIs at UPenn, so I think you are in pretty good hands. Thanks for posting about Everyday Health, I write the colitis blog for them (although I have Crohn's. shhh... don't tell anyone). Maybe you'll stop by post-colonoscopy? Good luck!


  4. Karen,

    Thank you for visiting! This has been a crazy (with a capital C!)week but I've FINALLY been reading your blog at length(along with another on Everyday Health) and find them so informative - thank you for the head's up. I appreciate the science behind your blog (all I do is make pithy complaints!) ;-) I've added a link as well to my little blog here. I will definitely be in touch and revisit.

    All my best from here in Philadelphia,