Friday, February 5, 2010


No one really talks about the general fatigue that accompanies Crohn’s. Now, granted, I am lazy (incredibly so, at times, as my laundry has sat on my floor for 2.5 weeks now), but ever since college I’ve felt more tired than usual. This was before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and simply thought I have a very sensitive stomach. In the following years my symptoms worsened and could no longer be ignored, and I was diagnosed about a year after I graduated from college. But in school I recall going to my mother’s doctor – who I never had a particular fondness for (okay, my sister and I think she’s a witch) – and explaining I’d been feeling terribly sluggish and she essentially said it was in my head and to lose some weight. Lovely.

And it’s difficult to understand a disease that isn’t visible, and may even be controlled and in remission. I look fine, and recently I feel fine, but I’m often just, simply put, very tired. And I’m not talking about the exhaustion that comes along during a flare and you’re flat wiped out (but that too). I’m talking every day, excuse-me-while-I-yawn, a-good-3.5 hour-nap-in-bed-would-be-nice, how-am-I-going-to-get-through-the-workday tired.

This past week I’ve been wiped out. I come home, put on pajamas, and lay (lie? I never got that one right). I’m stressed, and thus, utterly exhausted. This blog post is not well-written: I cannot even muster the energy to pop in a witty quip! So it goes without saying I am completely excited that we’re having a big snow storm tonight. My bed is fitted with flannel sheets, I have silly glossy magazines galore, bad t.v. to catch up on, and I have all the fixin’s for potato and leek soup and homemade bread. I also just enrolled in a course to prep me for a professional certification and have 200 pages to read on labor laws and risk management this weekend. Sigh. I’m hoping the warm bread and the flannel sheets make up for it.

Have a terrific weekend, all. Snuggle with someone you love and have a cup of hot tea. Also, some delicious recipes are coming.


  1. Hi Kathryn!

    Yeah, this is something that I've only really come to understand recently. When I was young, I used to be a fountain of hyperactivity, could NOT sit still.

    Now, of course during a mega flare up I feel like I don't have the energy to even get across the room. That's understandable.

    However, when I think back to the year and a half when I was in 'remission'... I still found it hard to work out, or do anything active for a long period of time (ie walk around a city shopping). I thought I was just out of shape but now I think it was the Crohn's + drugs + limited diet.

    However, I know several people who have had surgery and are now running marathons. I plan to get very, very serious about exercise after my surgery if all goes well.

    If you are able to eat pretty much what you want, then I assume you have no active Crohn's in there? I wonder if stress is knocking you out? I would think you should be feeling pretty good by now. You go to the gym regularly right? I wonder what's up. Probably stress and over working yourself.. hmm.

  2. Hey Bright Side,

    Yes, the new year has been stressful (and for once, not about my Crohn's!!!). ;-) I definitely think this is closely related to stress.

    I've noticed - even when well (that's in relative terms!) - I can get wiped out easily. When I get sick, I get SICK. When I'm tired, I'm EXHAUSTED. I just think our body is already in a precarious state, since it's fighting itself.

    As for no active Crohn's, I'm not sure how that works. I can eat most foods, but still have episodes. It's just a part of my life, and has been for years. And although the really bad section of my bowel is gone, I still have the although I feel "good" - even great at times - it'll never be perfect. But I'll take "good enough" anyday!

  3. OMG Flannel sheets are a godsend. I have some too, thanks Target. Man the exhaustion is probably the most annoying symptom b/c it makes you really not want to do anything. You should get a snuggie. It allows you to be warm and mobile, but not too mobile.

    and hey, at least you know how to cook!

  4. Um, pregnancy makes you really tired...maybe... Just saying. :)

  5. Lindsey,
    My flannel sheets are from Target too!

    I can tell you - with almost 100% certainty - that isn't the case! But good try! ;-)

  6. Well, I tried. :) A friend of mine just told me she is pregnant so since things like that always come in 3's I think you are next. That's my prayer! :)