Monday, February 1, 2010

My arch nemesis

In my last post I said I had ice cream all weekend with minimal bad side effects. I AM A FOOL! Ice cream has done me wrong yet again. As I sit here, moaning, I've decided no more ice cream. Ever. But damn if that Moose Tracks wasn't the best darn thing I've had in weeks...

PS: By "forever" I mean a few months. Tops.


  1. i was wondering how in the world you got away with that... you know, when i finally had to give up ice cream 100% i discovered that Whole Foods has some of the most exotic sorbet flavors imaginable and that eventually i could turn my favor toward them. in addition to which, it keeps my consumption in check because hardly ever can i afford to walk into a Whole Foods. :)

  2. Ice cream makes me explode in such a bad way..but I can do pudding and yogurt and soy milk. Oh and some cheese. Thank God for that. Maybe its the amount of ice cream- like I can't eat a whole cone but a few bites will sometimes work. But who wants only a few bites of ice cream? haha

  3. Have you ever tried coconut milk ice cream or rice milk? Organic Rice Divine and Turtle Mountain Purely Decadent are fantastic and don't make my Crohn's go insane.

  4. I like soy icecream. I buy the vanilla, then add chocolate syrup and grated peanuts. mmm

  5. It seems ice cream elicits quite a response!!! I adore sorbet, but when you're at the beach, and everyone is ordering a double cone I get very bitter and cranky. But I will certainly have to check out Whole "Paycheck"'s selection...I'm getting tired of mango.

    I had tofutti many years ago and thought it was decent. I definitely think I'll have to put one of these alternatives in my cart next week (whether it be soy/rice/or coconut milk). I've never even heard of coconut milk ice cream!

    This might be bad and opening up a whole other category of bad foods I can now indulge in...!

    Thanks, girls!