Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Look, it's hard to get a clear shot in blizzard conditions. Plus, my dog model wasn't cooperating at all.

This is the shot I used for my updated winter banner, above. This is our backyard, with a tree about to come down. I heard some creaking, so I made like a bandit and got the heck outta there. Note: It's hard to run in two-plus feet of snow.

Oh, lookie here. This is a 40-foot "branch" that came down in the back. This is when I started shrieking and told Matt and Penny to get out of our rinky dink sun room for protection: it was like a blitzkrieg of falling trees!

View from my bedroom window. It looks more elegant from above. (When you go to street level you see all the branches are drooping haphazardly to the ground. It's all very disconcerting and pathetic.)

These are the first branches that fell. They fell on our roof, but that's okay. "You can take our shingles, but you can't take our freedom!"

I thought I'd leave you with this glamorous self-portrait. I need some mascara and a shower, but gosh darnit, I was going to brave this storm and take ridiculous, unflattering photos! You can thank me later.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! I love winter.


  2. I'm more worry about that large branch over your main roof area, especially with the heavy snow.

    Dad, now at 60

  3. Cyndy,
    Today, it's gorgeous. It's sunny and things are starting to melt, so I agree. But we've been shoveling for over an hour now! (I just came back in to check my work email, I swear!)

    Happy birthday!!! See you Sunday for a big meal. Matt went into the attic and everything looks ok from the inside, but we'll check when everything melts the outside. I'm more concerned about the huge 40' branch. It's gonna be hard to chop up and more so, we now have less privacy and can see all the other backyards. We need to plant a new tree back there!