Sunday, February 7, 2010

A wintery mix

On Friday night when Matt was going out to pick up our Chinese take-out, he mentioned he was also going to get "some necessities" for the storm. The Chinese place is right next to a grocery store, so I just assumed....I dunno....chocolate milk, or something. Or his favorite cereal. But no. He drove another couple miles to the beer distributor. Here's his "necessity". But of course...

Philadelphia got 28.5 inches. We live in the suburbs and got perhaps 20. You say potato, I say pa-taut-o...tomato, ta-maut-o.

When I was shoveling, Matt was doing this.

And a bit of that. (He has big nostrils.)

Here's Penny the dog, supervising the shoveling effort (without much success)...but doesn't she look so stern?


  1. Wow!! I miss that! We haven't had a snow like that in a few years. And you thought Canada was all snowy! :)

  2. And they're calling for another foot of snow Tuesday into Wednesday! Yowza!

    PS: I DID think Canada was all snowy. I would have surely thought you would have seen these photos and sniffed, "Childs play!"

  3. Nope, I'm in one of the southern most areas in Canada (near Detroit MI) and lately it seems the winters have been weak. We used to get big snows like that when I was a kid but not in the last several years. Today it's around 34 degrees F. Though we are supposed to get 10 cm tomorrow. Ooo about 2-3 inches. Weak. My BF keeps hoping for snow days, but nothing so far this year. I kind of miss those big drifts. Darn global warming! :)