Sunday, January 3, 2010

Proof that Matt has "rhino skin"

Update: Matt saw this post and said he is now making the house 52 degrees in retaliation. So I'll just do what any wife should: hide all his coats and sweaters. I'd say that's about fair.

This is me on Sunday morning. In sweats, with a robe on, and in front of the space heater.

And this is Matt. I have a theory that his hair tuffs keep him warm. I asked him why he was sitting there in his boxers. His response: "I am preparing for the next step: to lower the temperature another few degrees!!" He then laughed sadistically. Because of his cockamamie ideas, I am posting this photo in defiance. My hope is that public humiliation may thwart his new dream of a 54-degree house. Sorry Matt; this had to be done.


  1. 54 degree is ideal. This is about the standard in Europe.

  2. The haircut is great; very becoming!

    54 degrees is the European standard?! I'm trying not to sound like a "gimme gimme" American, but brrrrr!!! We're currently at 57 with a space heater while home, and it turns off at night/when we're at work.

  3. Kathryn,
    I used to keep my heat at 62! I completely understand it! We now have to keep it at 68 due to Charlie! Peco loves me...I hate Peco

  4. What about a space heater for little Charlie? Is that an option at all? Give him an (awkward) hug for me!!

  5. HA!! I will! I am scared of space heaters...well not with me, but for him I would be. Oh well, we will suck it up for a couple months and until then, I will continue to make PECO happy and pay my bill! Get ready --- 2 more weeks and you will have me back at work :(