Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking for a deluge of recipes? Why, yes!

When I’m upset I cook. And cry. And fling things across the room. I’ve been upset over, essentially, every facet of my life (read what you will into that, but I’m sure you get my drift since I talk about everything else, cough cough) for the past couple weeks. The only good every day constants are Matt and Penny, and thank goodness for them. Yesterday I was crying so loudly Penny ran over to my side and remained there, shaking. Poor darling. (She was surrendered and brought to the shelter by a divorcing couple, so I can only assume she gets very tense when I embark on an emotional fit.) Last night I told Matt to grab two (yes, two) bottles of wine and we headed to the Italian BYOB a mile from our house. It fit the bill.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at, is that I have a ton of backlogged recipes that need posting, and post I will! Crohnies who are amidst a flare, avert your eyes! I’ll be posting recipes for crushed chickpea sandwiches, salmon and spicy roasted cauliflower, and roasted vegetable soup with kale for starters. Stay tuned, and savor the weekend. (I know I certainly will.)

With love,
The Gutsy Girl


  1. I need some ideas for people I am having to lunch next Sunday. So looking forward to the recipes.


  2. First one posted! six to go. Sigh. ;-)