Friday, January 22, 2010

Now how do I get to this wedding?

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of weddings. No, scratch that: I’m not a fan of what weddings have become (read: the cost of your 20% home down payment). I was raised by really cheap parents: my mom washed Ziplock baggies!!! I had like two Barbies tops, and one of them was headless. I got socks and slippers when other kids got Nintendo for Christmas. I know, I know: it was a tough childhood, cry me a river.

But back to weddings. What in the world is going on here? And why, even with my distaste for the whole industry, do I get sucked into watching episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” at the gym?! With all my ranting aside, I want to post this superbly cute video. It kind of sickens me on how GOOD it is, but if you’re going to make a “Save the Date” video, then darnit, this is how to do it. And being 5’10” (my coworkers measured me and said I was 5’11” but I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT), I’m swooning over how this couple embraces their height difference. I mean, Matt and I are the same height but only recently have I been secure enough to wear 1 ½ inch heels. I know – pathetic. Now watch the video and marvel at how much more creative Jeff and Erin are than you and me.


  1. That was amazing!!! Thanks for sharing. Oh and just remember. Women are never 6'. They are merely 5'12" ! See, so 5'11' isn't so bad at all!!

  2. Oh wow. Best. Wedding. Video. Ever. (dramatic pauses and over puncuation totally called for)

    I'm 5'7 and Thom is 5'9 - he comes from a family of a 5' mother and a 5'1 sister. Apparently, in his part of Louisiana most of the girls were short- so when he met me he thought I was a giant. He actually loves heels and when I wear them it's like Christmas for him. I felt self conscious at first, but he loves it so much that it makes me feel sexy so I do it for him haha. Plus, there's something just personally awesome about being able to wear heels for longer than like an hr or so.

  3. Oh, fer cry'in out loud. Once again my fingers can't type fast enough to comment on this post. Did you write this just to annoy me?

    1--Of course we were cheap! How else could we have paid for that fancy schmansy college you attended?! Duh.

    2--Readers should know there was something sinister about you as a child: hence, the headless Barbies.

    3--What the heck is so UNACCEPTABLE about being 5'1l"?! Get over it! Michelle Obama says she is five eleven--she doesn't mess around with five-ten-and-three-quarters. It's time for tall women--synonymous with glamorous, elegant, and regal--to stop feeling self-conscious about their height. There's tall, and there's munchkin--which would you rather be? So be GUTSY and embrace your height, haven't I taught you anything? You know, it was tough being your mother, cry me a river.

    4--Loved the video.

    MOFED (mother-of-five-eleven-daughter)

  4. First of all, I am 5'10" - every doctor appointment has confirmed that. I'm exactly seventy inches barefoot, so I will continue to reject the UNofficial workplace measuring, girls. Secondly, when you're taller than the average man in America (who is 5'9"), then, yes, feeling slightly awkward at times is a given. Third off, I do own it. I embrace it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to wear stilletos and be drag queen tall (no offense to drag queens; I love them).

    Oh, and Lindsey: 5'7" is petite in my family!! (They must make them short down there in Louisiana!!)

    And Mom, calm yourself down. And change your acronym to MOFTD while you're at it. ;-)