Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here we go again...

This is not a glass jar of pee, although it certainly looks like it, and I wouldn't begrudge you if your response to this visual was one of disgust. Hey, it's normal.

I just had to post this (Matt doesn't know; he's at his weekly badminton game...and, no, you cannot make something that nerdy and endearing up). Remember my post on Matt's never-ending new projects and hobbies? This is the newest: Ginger Beer! Here is the experiment in action. I'm not sure what this concoction entails, although I had to help him locate fresh ginger and ginger (in the spice form) at the supermarket recently.

I don't really ask: I witnessed him washing this jam jar and I see him "checking" the jar every day after work. He expressed some enthusiasm that it was fermenting the other day. That's when I told him to get his stickin' ginger jar off my kitchen workspace so I could make dinner.

I'll keep you posted on the ginger debacle. Until then, you could always send me your address and I'll mail you a genuine bottle of fresh ginger beer made by a one Mr. Matt Hopkins. There will also be a liability form in the package: you think I'm taking the heat for whatever happens after you or a loved one drinks this? Mmmm...refreshing!

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