Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nuthin' like like some early-morning B12

So I'm still waiting for this supposed energy I should acquire after getting a B-12 shot. Where is my energy, damnit?! I should be leaping tall buildings by now. Instead I'm sitting at my desk wondering why I have heartburn.

This morning I received my fifth B12 shot. It's a minor - albeit forever - inconvenience. Your terminal ileum is the only part of your body that absorbs B12, which is necessary for "normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood" (thanks Wikipedia!).

Because I had the whole of my terminal ileum removed (plus some) back in April, a blood test a month and a half ago showed I was B12 sufficient. Since then I've been off to my PCP for early-morning shots. I received a shot every week to get my liver stores up, and now am on monthly maintenance. Shots are necessary - the pills just don't cut it.

On the Internet, B12 enthusiasts claim it gives them loads of energy, and can even assist in weight loss. I emphatically say both these claims are untrue: I'm pudgy AND tired. (Again, let's ignore my nacho habit and lack of a regular sleep schedule.)

What I'm wondering is this: Does anyone do home B12 injections? Since it's something so benign, and I'll be doing it forever, I thought I'd ask. I also want to freak Matt out with my sharp needle.


  1. I've considered trying home injections since it's cheaper (I get one every 3 weeks). But I'm not up for giving it to myself and don't know anybody that I would allow to inject me, so I keep going to a clinic :).
    I'm wondering whether it's not possible to get an injection gizmo similar than diabetics use? That you only push a button and it quickly injects yourself! The search continues since I'm yet to find something like that!

  2. Belinda,

    I agree. If I were to inject myself, a big glass of wine would need to be involved beforehand!