Monday, September 7, 2009

Zany (Z)antics at the Zoo

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to the Philadelphia Zoo with two of my favorite people: Priscilla, my sister-in-law, and Matt (and, well, you know Matt). Here's a short pictorial of our day.

There are those dashing Hopkins siblings.

Me and my better half.

This baby croc was terrifying. He didn't move for a good five minutes, although his eyes followed you. Shudder.

This creature in the background was like a donkey-zebra. Matt hated it, so I made him pose with it. I really find nothing that insulting about a donkey-zebra, so I'm not sure where he gets off.

There is nothing better than a bronze (is it bronze?) statue and two willing family members to act pretend-terrified. Nothing.

Matt doing some nefarious with a hippo statue. (It's funny how all my photos are of statues and not real, live, animals.)

Pretend-milking a pretend cow. Obviously.

Gettin' frisky with the aforementioned pretend cow.

Well, well, well....the sign says, "Goat and Sheep Clubhouse: No Humans Please!" I see how it is. I'm lookin' at YOU, white goat. Elitist.

A giraffe is how I see myself in the animal world. You know, tall, elegant, regal, a lady...NO LAUGHING!

Nothin' like some frisky tribal paintings on the way to see the rhinos.

Speaking of risque...

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