Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quality daily reading material, if I do say so myself.

Matt said I shouldn't post this as I'll further alienate any readers. I told him I already talk about my poop and picking my nose, so I really don't see how any further damage can be done. So here it is: STFU, Parents. This site is pure genius and the writer has some killer wit. It posts screen images that readers submit of Facebook statuses (and responses) that some parents leave on the site. Now, I don't dislike children. I've never been around them much, so it's unfair to say I dislike them: I don't know them, or get them, I'll give you that. But this site isn't about the kids: it's taking a dig at the helicopter, over-protective, over-coddling, "look at me and my precious child" type of parent. An example may be that you were discussing your bad day, and they had to interject something totally off-topic about their child. Or have to share every tiny minutia of their child's potty-training (seriously, and with photos!!! The horror!! Even I don't go that far). This is a very peculiar breed of parent, and their selfishness exists for easy mocking, so I say enjoy.

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