Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soda no more

I like soda. I do. I think drinking soda is a bit trashy - it's sugar in a can - but I find it delicious. I can no longer drink diet soda due to Crohn's. The sugar substitute, aspartame, wrecks havoc on my digestive track and when I find myself in the bathroom Matthew is often on the other side of the door, mocking me in motherly voice saying, "Kathryn...did you have diet soda again?! Tell the truth! Now did you?!"

Matt loves the granddaddy of all sugary, trashy soda: the pukish yellow of what is Mountain Dew (Okay, fine, I like it all its eco-hazard-colored glory). At times I have stolen from his Dew stash, which I swear he monitors. "Where is my Dew?" he'll bark. That's when I slowly lower the can I was sipping on to under the bed. (Who doesn't drink soda in bed while typing on the laptop?)

Although I love soda, I would much rather have my daily allotment (which I too often exceed) in food. Food trumps everything: I adore food, but often find myself buying a can of this sugary crack from the vending machine to accompany my food.

Which brings me to the subject of this post. The below ad. Kudos to NY's Health Department: I think I'll finally be able to kick my soda habit.


  1. Kathryn, I like soda too because of all the bubbles. Maybe my alternative would work for you. I fill a glass with seltzer and add about an inch of juice. I use cranberry or grapefruit. You mentioned that you can't use aspartame, but are you allowed other sweeteners like Equal? That could sweeten it up for you if you like a drink with a more sugary taste.

  2. Hey Cyndy!
    I have done your trick before! I've used mango juice, but I think cranberry would be pretty stellar. I think Equal is aspartame. Regardless, that, and all the others (Splenda I can somewhat deal with) kill me.

    That stuff is probably toxic to everyone.