Tuesday, June 2, 2009

They sure are foxy, aren't they?

So I'm in love. An ardent, burning sorta love. With Fleet Foxes. (Uh, yeah, the band.) Because Matthew is male, and thus has intrinsically poor taste, he does not see the beauty of the Fleet Foxes. The melodious clarity of lead singer's Robin Pecknold's voice, for instance, totally alludes him. He's not so taken by their physical beauty, either, but I think he's just jealous he can't grow such a fetchin' beard; please behold:

My favorite song of theirs is probably Blue Ridge Mountains, followed by Mykonos, which is followed by a litany of others. But, I wanted to share this one - He Doesn't Know Why - because it involves goats in the video. I LOVE goats. What animal has crazy, creepy eyes but is simultaneously endearing?! Behold:

Creepy-eyed goat.

This is me and a goat, sharing good times.

And here is a video with the Fleet Foxes enjoying their goats:

I am mentioning this all for one reason. Because of Matt's aforementioned bad taste (except in women...namely because I think he has a crush on Halle Berry, and not really because he married me), he doesn't (GASP!) like the Fleet Foxes, who are playing a show in Philly on 7/20 (Monday, sigh). If you do, and you enjoy goats the way I do, then please let me know. BAAAHHHH!

Update: Oops, they're playing Thursday, 7/30. My bad.


  1. I like this group! But that stringy flat hair and those "fetchin'" beards--not so much. I listened to several of their songs and they remind me of The Moody Blues(of "Nights in White Satin" and fluffy hair fame--but my all time best MB song is "Your Wildest Dreams", go to Youtube and take a listen). Goats I could take or leave, but I do believe Matthew enjoys baby goat?! Hey, guess who's coming to Musicfest? C'mon, guess--my all time favorite singer, that mellifluous hunk of Canadian gorgeousness--Gordon Lightfoot! But alas, I believe Gordy has aged and the pipes may not be as stellar as when I saw him last, 1971 or so at Penn State. (Now Dave, if you're reading this and If You Can Read My Mind....) Mom

  2. Please do not criticize "stringy" hair, for my hair will forever be "flat" and "stringy", thank you very much.

    Goats are wonderful creatures, and if didn't have neighbors closely bordering us, I would have a herd of them. And yes, Matt's gastro habits are slightly in question, as he always looks for goat the first thing we enter an Indian restaurant.

    I looked up the Moody Blues, and all I can say is "eh" and "not so much". And in recent photos of "Gordy" he's not looking so hot - kinda thin and frail.

    If you go to Musicfest you should check out this bat guy - he plays the organ/pipe contraption and wears a black costume. He is quite the sight and the most enjoyable thing I remember about Musicfest. I also remember at the time I was there last every vendor was peddling "Freedom Fries" (in lieu of "French" Fries). I remembering chuckling at the ignorance. Have fun!

  3. I had a pet goat when we lived in Massachusetts, Ferdinand was his name. It broke my heart that we had to leave him when we moved to Jersey. I would love to see Fleet Foxes myself, if you don't have any younger, cooler offers.

  4. Yay! Nancy, you should know by now "cool" and Kathryn don't mix.