Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grab the popcorn and watch the latest political bombshell with me, will you?

I Google-imaged "Men are weasels" and this is what I came up with! I rather like it. (The story headline reads, "Weasels Ripped My Flesh.")

If you are like me and have a taste for politico gossip (more so a lust for anything trashy) then you have already read the emailed exclamations of love between Senator Mark Sanford and his mistress, "Maria". I read them this morning while chomping on my banana and peanut butter - salacious emails go down well with healthy breakfasts.

Now, I will try not to make this post political (although another chastising "family values" Repub bites the dust!!!....had to say it). Obviously, cheating on one's spouse isn't a conservative or liberal issue -- it's simply a moral issue wrapped in a lot of sliminess. And politicians are doused in admiration and are drunk from fame and power, so, heck, they can do whatever the hell that want, right? God Complex, anyone?

I told Matt early on that if he developed feelings for another women during the course of our marriage, to have the decency to tell me before anything physical occurred. I do not think a person is innately evil, or bad, if feelings grow; I think it's disappointing, sad, tragic, but really, who am I to say? I have been married for a year; I am a child. But to explore those feelings and deceive your spouse? Irreproachable. Actually, it came out more like, "If you cheat on me I swear to God I'll find out and I'll cut off your (censored) so you better run and hide." (At that point he grabs his crotch and runs out of the room in mock horror.)

I still remind him from time to time, whenever a sex scandal breaks the news. "You see that good-for-nothing Sanford, Matt, do you? He's an (censored), don't you think? You DO, don't you? Don't you?!" Then he goes, yes, of course, it's horrible, yada yada yada. Then I go in for the kill: "And you know what is gonna happen to you if you ever pull any of that, right?!" Last time I said this (and I really wouldn't say it so much except there is a sex scandal in America every other week) he said, "Of course I would never, ever cheat on you. But I'm scared; one day you might go crazy and just THINK I did something and then what?!" I considered this, and without further hesitation I said, "Then I guess you're outta luck."


  1. Great weasel picture. The wonderful Gail Collins had a great column on this topic today. Also, I just read your food columns and found them inspiring and mouth-watering. Cyndy

  2. Cyndy, I read that yesterday (at least I think it's the same column...perhaps they come out online earlier?) Loved the last sentence:

    "Fourth, before this search for a presidential nominee goes any further, I’m thinking it’s time for the Republicans to apologize for putting us through the Clinton impeachment. We seem to have pretty well established that sexual stone-throwing is a dangerous sport."

    What a kicker!!!