Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crohn's Update

I realized today I have not written on my Crohn's. That's not to say Crohn's isn't a near constant in my life: I'm reminded four times a day when I take my meds and when I suddenly have to clench my butt checks and shuffle into the bathroom. But, I'm feeling terrific. I am ready to start moving again - I have never yearned to exercise before. (It's probably because I haven't broken a sweat since late October / early November, but I foresee this feeling evaporating after one lonesome gym visit.)

I am traveling for the next two weeks: this upcoming week I'll be in Las Vegas for a conference, and the following week I'll be in New Orleans for a convention (I have to man the booth and look chipper). I find it amusing that these two cities are associated with sin and mischief, and I'm so square. I guess it makes for a nice juxtaposition.

Anyway, I'm saying all of this so you know that's my excuse for not already returning to the gym. I'm am, however, hoping to come back from Vegas with a lot of stories of Matt's bad gambling tactics. He is coming with me, and who knows what he'll be doing during the daytime while I'm in class. I'm thinking probably not leaving the hotel room and coding. Which, in all actuality, is a vacation for him. I told him to at least bring the computer out to the pool to enjoy some butlered drinks, but he wasn't having it. He is, however, very much looking forward to the buffets. Okay, so am I.


  1. Get Dr. Kelly Karpa's book "Bacteria for Breakfast" it was a life saver for my son. He has lead a relatively normal life for the last eight years by doing what she recommends for the reasons stated in the book.
    You might want to contact her. Understand that medicine in the U.S. has no interest in curing your disease. It is too profitable to keep you on expensive drugs which only treat the symptom and does nothing to fight the disease.

    We live in Broussard, LA so enjoy New Orleans.
    Good Luck.

    Richard Bentley

  2. Thanks, Richard. I may have to look into that. I have tried probiotics, but not to much avail. I do have to disagree, however, about the US not having an interest in medical advances. I find that a bit cynical.