Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get Animal Planet on the phone!

Pictured: The Stephen Hawking of dogs.

I just had to share this: below is an email I got from our dog, Penny, while we were in Vegas. I'm astounded. Dumbfounded. Overjoyed. This dog obviously is a genius among canines, and her gift needs to be shared with the world! Please enjoy (and notice her impeccable grammar):
Hi Mom. I miss you, but I like it here at Camp Zilker. I go on walks every day with the counselors, and the other campers come too. The food is good, and I get snacks from the man counselor. He likes to lay down on the floor and rub my belly. I like him. I like to sniff the cat camper, and he rubs up against me. I think he likes me. The lady counselor is nice. She lets me follow her around the house, even to the bathroom! She had a counseling session with me because she says she finds kibble all over the camp kitchen, and that I need to improve my manners . She also said I should interact more with the other campers. I try, but they are always chasing each other and wrestling, and they always get the ball and sticks first, so sometimes I just leave them and lay on the patio. (Today two more campers are coming for a visit, Shadow and Sadie. I'm a little scared. ) The lady counselor was really mad at me and yelled at me because I peed in the doggy pool. She saw me do it, and then she had to empty the pool because we all drink from it. Me and Molly like to stand in the pool and I lay down in it. I didn't know that I shouldn't pee in the pool. I told her I was sorry. She just said don't do it again. I sleep in the bedroom with the counselors and Lacey. Molly sleeps in the kitchen by herself. The counselors call her a juvenile delinquent when she slept in the bedroom because she gets up in the middle of the night and annoys me and Socks, and THERE IS PANDEMONIUM! I mind my own business and stay out of trouble. I miss you, but I'm having fun. Love, Penny

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