Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in photos

We spent the holiday on Long Island with Matt's aunt and uncle.
It's beautiful there and here we are walking on the beach at Sagamore Hill National Park, aka Teddy Roosevelt's former digs.  The walk was lovely except I had to go to the bathroom (but what else is new?). 

Here is Matt's uncle Joel with Annie.
Joel looks lovely, although Annie is showing some major 'tude.
(Also displayed in the first photo.)
(To her credit it was quite chilly.)

Annie was obsessed with poor Penelope, and often tugged at her tail and ears.

Here's Granny Nanny (Matt's mom) showing her how to pet her gently.
Annie is all, "What?  Me pull the cat's ears?!  It's insulting you would even think that!"
Then she pulled them anyway. (of course)

Here is Matt and Annie on Christmas Eve as we're about to go into our hotel for the night.
It started flurrying, which I thought was magical.  Annie was over it, though.
Snow smow, she seemed to say.  It's late and I want my bottle, people!

One of the few photos I got of Annie in her Christmas morning ensemble.  We got everything from Goodwill/on consignment, which is good, as she wore it for about two hours tops.  Poor thing looks somber as can be, but I can assure you she had a really fun holiday and was active and giddy most of the time.

"Why is everyone so excited?!"
From the left: Matt's Aunt Debbie, cousin Julia, Uncle and Aunt Dave and Cyndy, and poor Laura,
who is cut off (sorry Laura!)

We had our big Christmas dinner on Sunday evening, as the whole gang was there, and then on Christmas Day went into Manhattan.  Here is Annie bundled up in her stroller.

And some of the gang at the tree in Rockefeller Plaza.

With dad and Poppy Hoppy on a carousel in Bryant Park.

Matt: "Wave, Annie!"
Annie: No.

City girl.

Matt and Annie.

Such is the life:
girl woke up one block away from the Chinese place where we ate dinner.
Obviously, she knows what is important in life.

"Now, let's see what the specials are today."

"I'd like some tea, too.  You can put it in the sippy cup, Poppy Hoppy."

After-dinner aperitif.

Us at Rockefeller Plaza's Christmas tree.   I love this shot.

My father got Annie a rocking horse, much like the ponies we see while vacationing in Chincoteague.
She's still a bit scared of it.  Here she is looking...uh... ambivalent.  

Today it started snowing, and we took to the neighborhood for a little walk.  Here is Matt and Annie in front of the house.  (Four hours later it's still coming down!)

And me.

And our doggie daughter, Penny.
Happy Holidays!


  1. Nice photos! I love the picture of Annie with the menu!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww the Annie bundled in Manhattan photo is just sweet dreamy :) Happy New Year, lovelies!

  3. Thanks girls! Laura, we had a fantastic time up at your place! And Danita, I adore that photo too. Happy New Years!