Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dog gone goodness

I love dogs. Their desire to serve is humbling and heartwarming and whenever there is a dog store anywhere (even our local 11 o'clock news which often warrants an eye roll) I cry. A lot. I turn to Matt, who is often unmoved, and stammer, "Don't you...don't you see what they DO for us?! They are AMAZING!" I make quite the scene.

I don't understand people who don't like dogs with all they do for us: seeing eye dogs, dogs who serve individuals with epilepsy, rescue dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, sled dogs, police dogs, parachuting dogs used in war (!) - the list is endless. Of course, then there's the ubiquitous pet dog who enjoys sniffing unmentionables and whining for kitchen scraps. They're pretty good too. Check out these amazing pooches!

UPDATE!: Wonderful, eye-opening photo essay on war dogs.

These dogs work with the Navy SEALS! Look at them strapped outside of that helicopter!

Three dogs who risked their lives and saved 50 military personnel from a suicide bomber (video).

I can't get enough of parachuting dogs!

Here's another parachuting dog in Norway!

Look at this amazing mutt!

Okay; the last one was Penny. Fine. You got me!

But regardless, show me a cat who can do any of this. Meeeeoooowwww!


  1. I'm with you on that one! Absolutely LOVE dogs! Am always jealous when I hear what you do with Penny! Makes me smile :) Good luck with the job hunting! I've been there. Was retrenched few years back (with very little experience) but looking back now it's the best thing that could have happened to me. And before you *sigh....I know being positive doesn't pay the bills or keep you sane but you'll find a great job! How do I know? Because you're stronger than you think (all Chronies are...)! Hugs

  2. Thanks Belinda! Things are looking up on the job front, and you're right, I always have Pen-dog to keep me company and happy! Cheers!