Monday, October 18, 2010

Foodie Delights

I've been taking delight in the little culinary details found in my kitchen.

I picked up these gorgeous globes (uh, aka heirloom cherry tomatoes) at the market last week.

I got this huge bunch of dill at my cheapy produce place, too. I put the pistol and mortar in the photo only to "be artsy". And yes, I know it's more silly than artsy.

Our newly organized spice cabinet! Finally (FINALLY!) put all those yummy Indian spices in jars.

I'm including this because it's hanging on our frig, which is in the kitchen. It was a purposely goofy photo we took last year at Matt's work dinner. Not purposely goofy? Me holding the mask upside down. And I thought I was being all clever at the time.


  1. Not only does Matt resemble Bode Miller, now he's a Heath Ledger look-alike! MONG

  2. I guess I can see it a bit... with or without a fake mustache, he's one hot nerd! ;-)

  3. Ahhh; don't give that boy any facial hair recognition...he's ALL about growing a beard now! (Actually I sort of like beards. But that ', not so much!) ;-)