Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow day!

Today it snowed more than a foot (18 inches in Philadelphia so far) on the Eastern seaboard (and it's still snowing into the night)! Matt and I spent 6 hours (6!) watching The Tudors, and thought we should finally venture outside to stage a doggie photo shoot (well, the photo shoot was my idea, he was all about "shoveling" or some such hogwash). After some homemade hot chocolate with no less than 36 mini marshmallows apiece, we took to the driveway. Here is Penny, not very happy in the storm. But we thought it was sort of magical.

I said to Matt, "Let me take your picture!" I thought he was just posing.

Until he hit me in the face. Here is the gruesome after shot. My winter wonderland suddenly turned very dark. Vengeance was mine. (Coincidentally, this photo is entitled "Sexy Face, Number Two")

Matt thought this was all very funny. Even when I held a pile of snow he mocked me and called me a "sissy".

Until I hit him with the snowball. Then everything felt a little better...for me.

Back inside, I made some impromptu "Christmas Pizzas" with a toasted Italian loaf of bread, pasta sauce, pesto, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and of course, cheese.

Continuing the Christmas spirit we're watching Elf and wrapping gifts.
I hope your snow day was just as jolly.


  1. I'm in Louisiana. I am wearing short sleeves today. It never snows down here- maybe in North Louisiana, but not south Louisiana. Jealous....

  2. We had the Lutz boys over yesterday and got in some great sledding. After a hot chocolate, popcorn, and cheese break, David, Stephen, and Tim went back outside and built a ramp. Ben and I stayed in and watched Rudolph--he knew all the words to the songs:)

  3. Lindsey,
    It may not snow, but at least you're in the happiest state!!! (I was surprised; I thought Hawaii would have that title!)

    It sounded like a nice day...until you mentioned Rudolph. ;-)