Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love legumes.

There they are. All my lovelys...

I am having an affair with beans. And Indian food. And lots of it.

I am perpetually stuffed, and I swear on all that is holy my stomach is sticking out more. Beans are fibrous and filling, so you don't need to eat huge plates full of the stuff, but I still do. With naan. And chopped cilantro. Let me explain: these past few weeks I've been increasingly enamored with legumes. I cannot help it. Maybe it's a gastronomic rebellion of sorts: I had to limit my fiber while I was sick, and now I'm having a gluttonous free-for-all with nuts and beans and tomatoes. And chocolate. Oh, and cheese. Help me.

Every night I whip up another curry or Indian dal or whatever, and, oh lord, I cannot stop. Beans are so damn versatile. And cheap. And healthy. Like I said, I'm having an affair with legumes. And baby, they're gooooood.....
That being said, more bean recipes will be posted shortly. Sorry.

Tonight we had channa masala, an Indian chickpea and tomato dish. One of my favorites at Indian restaurants, second only to chicken saag. (Really, it's better than it sounds.) And to make matters worse, Matt just made a huge batch of homemade sesame naan. Perfect for scooping up more beans! Hey, when we get into something, we really get into it.

Here's to hoping you can stomach more beans...


  1. Homemade sesame naan!!! I want some.

  2. Matt is perfecting his recipe - next time we're going to add garlic - and then we promise a whole BOATLOAD of naan is coming your way!!!

  3. Hi - I'm a fellow Crohnie and have gone through bean obsessions myself. You might want to get your iron levels checked. I found out during my last bean-a-thon that my levels were way low and I was craving the iron in them. Just a thought - but either way, enjoy!

  4. Hi Anonymous!

    Aw, yes, anemia. My iron, so far, is at an o.k. level. I'm lucky that I can eat a varied diet at this point. The joys of bi-annual blood tests!

    Now back to those beans!!!! ;-)