Friday, February 20, 2009

Go Entocort!

A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the Crohn's walk. As I write this, Team Gutsy just surpassed $500, which I think is simply amazing.

I think with these things - these chronic, nagging diseases - the best thing you can ask for is a team of medical professionals who will go to bat for you: who follow your case, and think about your case after you leave the office, and who consult their colleagues for a second opinion. I have that. My GI compassionately listens as I breathlessly spout-off lists of medications and alternative treatment options. I've tried several so far - and at this stage - as I wrote below, I'm at a crossroads. We're trying a last-ditch effort: Entocort, a steroid I haven't tried in the past (I've been on the lovely Prednisone before). I'm also giving Probiotics another go. We'll give it a few weeks, and if the pain persists, I will have surgery.

I didn't come to this decision easily, but once I made it, I've been delightfully at peace. It was a lot of nights filled with me, looking at Matt, saying "What should I do?" and him really not knowing what to say. Since I haven't been feeling well, we've been spending a lot of our evenings in bed, he on his computer, and me curled up watching nightly sitcoms, content under my covers.

Thank you again for contributing.

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