Friday, January 16, 2009

I've got Sully Fever!

Like the rest of the nation I am totally and completely in awe and enamored with Captain Sully. It's amazing how much power the media has - it's amazing how I've been suckered into watching each and every news story, eyewitness account, survivor account, gawked at every interactive graph and timeline (thank you NYT) and stopped dead in my tracks when Sully's wife faced the reporters on her driveway (wasn't she so gracious and articulate? - I am only ever that articulate in my own mind). I even GOOGLED Sully and found his profile on LinkedIN (I didn't go so far as to send an invite). An individual created a Facebook page for Sully and as I type this, the guy has about 85,000 "fans". I know this entry has nothing to do with anything (but really, will most?), but I MUST eat, breathe, and (apparently) type SULLY!

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