Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chicken Curry in a Hurry

This is adapted from a recipe I found in Real Simple magazine. Now, it calls for cream. Use the gosh darn cream! (The beauty of this dish is that it's rich and creamy and wonderful - don't fall into the "Well, I'll add more veggies and substitute with half and half" trap. Blasphemy, I say!)

Chicken Curry in a Hurry

-- 1 yellow onion, diced
-- 3 - 4 Tb. curry powder (adjust as you see fit)
-- 1/2 cup plain yogurt
-- 3/4 cup cream
-- 3 fresh tomatoes, chopped (or you can use a can - drain before adding)
-- Either: 3 chicken breasts, cooked and seasoned, OR, 1 rotisserie chicken (shredded or sliced)
-- 1/4 cup fresh cilantro
-- salt and pepper

Saute the onion in olive oil, stirring occasionally, until soft. Sprinkle with the curry powder and cook for an additional minute. Add the yogurt and cream and simmer gently for 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and add tomatoes. Remove from heat.
Add the pre-cooked chicken to the mixture. Divide over rice in individual bowls, spooning the sauce over top, and sprinkle with fresh cilantro.

Makes about 3 servings.
First Photo: Matt gives the "thumb's up" to Chicken Curry in a Hurry (as he eyes it crazily)!
Second Photo: A close-up of the beauty that is Chicken Curry in a Hurry.


  1. I made this last night. It was delicious. It was on the soupy side, which is fine, but I was wondering if I simmered too long, not long enough, wrong proportions??? (I dumped in the whole can of diced tomatoes.

  2. Ah, I should of mentioned this: if using a can, I dump it in a colander first and try to get a lot of the juice out, then place the diced tomatoes in the dish. Then it won't be so soupy.

    I find this recipe is even better the next day for lunch! Something about the flavors melding...

    Thanks for trying it!!

  3. I did have some for lunch the next day--it was so good--why didn't I make more!!

  4. I made this, is was very good. I added a can of diced tomatoes after adding the curry powder and simmered a bit to reduce the juices, then added the yogurt and cream, so the end result was thick and creamy. I used leftover rotisserie chicken, but it kinda shredded apart, so next time I'll go with a few cubed chicken breasts that I'll pan sear immediately beforehand. Mom

  5. Yes; this is our go-to piece-of-cake Indian recipe. Divine! Thanks for trying, Mommy-o!