Sunday, July 29, 2012

The long, hot summer

Thought I'd share some lovely moments from the past couple weeks.  l.ast Saturday Matt took Annie into his parents' pond.  They swear she liked it, but I don't think she was terribly pleased.  She's a lady, though, and handled the whole ordeal with steel-faced grace.

And below are some photos (and video) of Annie during her evening diaper changes.  What a little spitfire.

I have been feeling good this month.  During the July 4th holiday I found out I was super low on vitamin B12, D, and iron.  My doctor prescribed weekly B12 shots, a daily iron supplement, and lots of good ol' vitamin D weekly (100,000 units!).  Lo and behold, the past three weeks I haven't contracted a cold, or, jeez, another bout of pink eye or Hand, Foot, and Mouth (yes, that really happened) and my Crohn's is chugging along with any additional hiccups.

And last, but certainly not least, today is Matt's birthday.  He is 30 and not happy about it.  I told him to look at all we've went through in our twenties, and look at all the joy we've cultivated and the life we've built.  That boy ain't buyin' it though, and is still mumbling about how "old" he is.  Lord help me when he finds his first grey hairs.

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  1. Love it!!! Annie is getting so big! We so need to get together to celebrate Matt and Jesse turning the big 3-0! We are free on Sunday (8/12) or the following one. How about you guys?