Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy beach days

This past week was Annie's first jaunt to the beach.  We were wary: heat, salt water and sand doesn't sound like a winning combination when you have a "I know what I want!" type of infant.  And I was getting over yet another cold.  But sometimes things just come together swimmingly: Annie surprised us and was utterly delightful, and I kept my cold at bay to enjoy our time at the shore.

Every summer Matt's extended family visits the little Victorian hamlet of Ocean Grove, NJ, and I know how wonderful it's been to be included in on their little traditions: dinners on the beach, bikes to breakfast, an annual cheese and baguette fest on the oceanfront hotel's upper balcony, walks to nearby Asbury Park, and of course the daily pilgrimage (just across the street) to the beach.  She's one lucky girl to partake in, and continue on, these traditions.

All dolled up for the beach!

Annie touching a baby crab, presented by Matt's cousin Rob.

Ever on the balcony: the scene of many breakfasts and chats.  Here's Annie and Matt before the annual cheese fest.

Father and daughter.

Matt and Annie perpetually goofing around.

David, Annie's "Poppy Hoppy" introducing her to the water.

I think she prefers to be held.

Me and Annie under the umbrella.

Annie on her "Granny Nanny"'s lap.  

I will say she did enjoy sitting on the blankets and playing!

Just had to include this because of that smile!  This is a new expression.
(She was also continuously pursing her lips together like a duck, but unfortunately didn't get to capture that.)

Forever interested in the camera.

Matt and Annie.
This was her very first foray into the water.  She cried shortly after this photo was taken.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip.
This is Matt's grandmother, Gram, her husband, Cliff, and Matt.
Cliff was trepidatious in going into the ocean, so Matt and Gram held his hands as they took to the surf.

Everyone came back down to the beach for dinner, later in the evening.
This is Annie partaking in her own meal by the surf.

Several members of Matt's family as we ready for another nighttime meal on the beach.
(That's Matt looking creepy in the lower right-hand corner.)