Monday, March 19, 2012

A Time Out

I always say I'm going to blog when I put the baby down at night.  I always say I'm going to clean, too.  And do my laundry.  And pay my doctor bill, and respond to that email, and dear god, shave my armpits.  None of this actually gets done, mind you.  Our house is a mess: Annie's outfits are piled on our couch, yesterday's dishes are by the stove, and I have gone a week without putting the toilet paper on the roll.

But today we took advantage of the balmy weather, the leftover sunlight, and the fact that Annie got a new hat in the mail (and the fact she let me plop that thing on her head for 10 minutes) and had an impromptu family outing in our very own backyard. 

I've never felt less guilty about letting the messes of life pile up.

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